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Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream Fairness Ayurvedic for Scars, Acne, Pimples, Burns 15g


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Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream Fairness Ayurvedic for Scars, Acne, Pimples, Burns 15g



Turmeric is a wonderful versatile root that has been in every Indian household for centuries. Its amazing properties range from flavoring curries, to sterilizing wounds, to grooming women.


Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is a harmonious combination of medically invaluable Turmeric with cooling and fragrant Sandalwood oil.


This Ayurvedic cream vanishes into your skin, rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin from within, leaving it soft, supple and young looking.


Being pure and natural, with all the wonderful attributes of turmeric and sandalwood oil, Vicco Turmeric Cream gives the skin a radiance that mere cosmetics can’t hold a light to. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet Rays of the sun and maintains the original color of pigments of your skin.


The cream is beneficial in the prevention and cure of acne, pimples, boils, blemishes and other common disorders of skin.


Due to proven medicinal properties of its active ingredients, the Government has permitted manufacturing of Vicco products under Ayurvedic Drug License.


Five Uses



I am not more into makeup these days. A kajal and a lip balm – and I am all set to go. This cream from Vicco is the only product I’ve been using lately after cleansing my face every time. Being a person with oily skin, I’ve always struggled with heavy moisturizers. This one makes a perfect day cream that is light on my skin and settles into a matte finish. I sometimes use a slight coat of compact over it if I need to step out of the house.




Not only a day cream, it can also be used as your daily night cream if your skin type is oily. Throughout the harsh Indian summer, I used it as my night cream and it helped my skin to achieve a smooth, soft texture. These days, the weather is getting a bit colder here in Chennai and hence I mix a drop of pure vitamin E oil to this cream and apply it on my skin before going to bed every night. It works really nice that way!




Sometimes, my skin acts weird. Due to sinus issues, my doctor advised me to avoid frequent head baths. I am only washing my hair like once a week now (about which I’ll be soon sharing in my hair growth update). Due to this, my body heat levels went higher and I started suffering from pimple-like heat bumps all over my face. I happened to see either one or two red pimple after I wake up every morning. This continued for days and that was when I started applying the cream on my face (as a night cream). It controls acne really well. After a week of usage, my eruptions completely stopped. Hence, I apply it a bit more concentrated on acne-prone areas.




Don’t ask me how; but this product really helped me fade my facial dark spots left behind by acne. After using it as my day and night cream continuously for few weeks, I saw my spots getting lighter. I don’t have much imperfections on my face – only few countable spots and they were vanished up to 60% after the usage. Though I don’t bother much about the acne spots, I am just letting you that it works this way too. With Vitamin E oil, it works even better but make sure to only apply it at night (with Vitamin E oil) as it tends to turns skin bit oily after 2-3 hours.




Be it sun burn, small cuts or insect bites, this cream can be applied as a medicine after cleansing the area. It heals the skin quicker than usual and acts as an disinfectant as it contains turmeric. Don’t panic. This product will NOT stain your skin at all.

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